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A 3D virtual tour is more than that it is a showcase of your home/business.  Imagine having a 24/7 open house to your real estate listing or business. Responsive software allows today's tech savvy consumers to view your properties on the latest mobile devices allowing you to reach them anytime and anywhere.  Each tour includes a dollhouse view and a floor plan. Why go with Matterport services versus other 3D virtual tours?  Matterport tours are completely immersive and provide real world dimensions.  They also provide highlight features through Mattertags.  3D virtual tour gallery can be found here. Large and small businesses alike can have virtual tours to show their facility to potential clients/patrons.  Builders who want to offer 3D interactive tours for all of their floor plans please contact me for more details. 


3D VIRTUAL SHOWCASE / FLOOR PLANS - Real Estate Pricing & Packages


Tier 1    up to 1500 sf               $200                $275

Tier 2    up to 2500 sf               $250                $325

Tier 3    up to 3500 sf               $350                $450

Tier 4    up to 4500 sf               $450                $600

Tier 5    up to 5500 sf               $550                $750

Tier 6    5500 sf +                    .10 per sf          Please inquire


Businesses such as doctor's offices, restaurants, childcare facilities etc can contact me directly for quotes based on their needs. Click here to contact me directly. 

Virtual tours on average take about 1.5-3 hours depending on the size of the property.  Tours are ready within 48-72 hours.  Tours are initially hosted for 6 months.

Virtual tours now include Mattertags.  What's that? It's an indicator that can be clicked on and provide more information.  It can be written content or even a quick video of the Agent discussing the fabulous features in the room.   

MONTHLY HOSTING FEE $49.99 (after initial 6 months)